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The Heritage Funds' project ADD MY LIFE is present where young people are. With movies, games, podcasts, music, pictures and stories. Everything is created by young people, for young people. We make young people's voices heard. We work together with young people for the community, friendship and love. Against drugs*, violence, threats and exclusion.

(a governmental heritage fund)

Drug problems affect us all!

Drugs are a part of young people's everyday lives. Drug romance is spreading on social media. Online drugs reach our children in less than an hour. Violence, threats, extortion, sexual assault, assault and fatal shootings are everywhere. It's a rampant societal problem that affects us all. Parents, siblings, friends, teachers, school. Together we can shield young people against drug and substance abuse.

Movies produced during the project

What is your children experiencing?

Trailer: The dialogue can begin - for real | By: Youngsters
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We need your support to be able to continue building a sustainable path for youngsters at risk
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The Drug Question

The Drug Question is an infallible tool to initiate dialogue;
- What to do if your friend starts taking drugs?
- What do I do if someone becomes unconscious from drugs?
- Which mix is life threatening?

"We are Stockholm" is Sweden's largest festival for young people. The queue for our tent to play The Drug Question was the longest in the festival area. Young people have a great need to talk about difficult issues and make contact with the adult world. The game is also used in workshops at schools, with students and teachers.

Try the game, draw a card!


Discuss and reason the questions and its potential answers in group. Evaluate several options. Maybe there is more than one answer.

Draw a card
Draw a card
Take a stand

Let the participants choose YES or NO. Then, both groups will elaborate their answers.

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Education and Workshops

Our educational packages provide lectures, life-stories and workshops for schools, teachers, students and everyone who wants to learn more. The purpose is to inspire a change among youngsters in their relationship with drugs. We tailor to specific problems and needs. We work both on prevention and when the drug problem is already a reality. We collaborate with a variety of educators and specialists.
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The drug industry fills social media, music and games with drug liberal information. Young people are affected and indoctrinated daily. On an unconscious level. More and more young people are dying of ignorance when they mix alcohol, medicines and drugs. Drogopedia is a filter for relevant and factual sources of information. From a neutral perspective, with no judgement. Religiously and politically independent.

Help us to help!

We want to be the obvious choice for young people, friends, relatives, teachers and schools who seek support and information on drug issues. Our goal is to create trust and generate dialogue. Directly helping those in need, or through our partners and the appropriate organisations in society. We work within a network of partners, yielding great competence and commitment - and we need your help to  create together a better future for our children!

The ADD MY LIFE PROJECT (SPONSORED BY ALLMÄNNA ARVSFONDEN -a governmental heritage fund is a 3-year project that has engaged thousands of youngsters in dialogues, meetings and camps. Together with young people, we have made more than 50 films, developed the dialogue game 'The Drug Question', created a digital platform and participated in events and festivals while launching our "Roadshow" on the way to 40,000 students in the country's high schools.

In March 2020 the covid-19 pandemic has put a halt to our work. Now, we need to digititalize our work to safely continue our activities on the long term. We reiterate; together we reverse the drug trend and create a better future for our children - help us!

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